Zero Visibility Approach Into KSEA - EDDF to KSEA

These are some photos of a flight I did from Frankfurt (EDDF) to Seattle (KSEA). It was a beautiful flight, and I got to see Siberia, Canada and the beautiful Cascade mountains. The approach into Seattle had no, and I mean no, visibility. The fog started about 1,000 feet above the ground, and I was just barely able to see the runway and it’s lights before minimums. I used the beautiful Lufthansa A350 for this flight. Enjoy!
Captions correspond to the photos above them

Parked at Frankfurt, turning on the APU

Pushing back next to a Lufthansa 747-8 in the old livery

Lining up with runway 25C in Frankfurt

Lifting off the ground, heading for the Pacific Northwest of the USA

Fast forward, and we’re over the Canadian Cascades, north of Vancouver. Beautiful scenery!

Flying over the city of Vancouver, and Vancouver International, about to start our descent into Seattle

On short final for runway 16L in Seattle, and you can see what I mean by no visibility

Touchdown! The passengers are clapping, and we have stopped safely!

While taxiing to the international terminal, I saw what looked like the ghost of an A321

Parked at the satellite international terminal, with the engines off and the cargo doors open!

I hope you liked the photos! I didn’t edit them because I’m feeling really lazy. 🙃

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Beautiful pics! I can barely land in 0 visibility. Kudos to you!

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Great photos! I have two favourites so I cannot just pick one :-/ I love the ‘lift-off’ and view from above overlooking BC

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