Zero Gravity Boeing 727 at the Portsmouth International Airport

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Today, I got a chance to go see the Boeing 727 owned by Zero Gravity.
They flew their 727 in from Orlando-Sanford yesterday at 6pm.
I spoke to the crew, and they will be leaving sometime tomorrow in the afternoon, during my shift.

I personally have never seen a 727. It was a great plane, and had an interesting fuel panel on the right wing.

You could sort of see the interior, but I did not get a chance to go inside.

I hope you like the pictures!

Zero-G at the Cargo Ramp

Tail shot, with engines two and three visible


727 winglets, which advertises its website

The letter G on the tail.

Last shot of the front.

Thanks for viewing!

Fun Fact: this plane is called “G-Force One”.


I just found out Everts Air Cargo operates this!

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Now if only I had $5,600 to get a seat inside of there…

Very cool plane and photos.

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Such a cool plane let alone livery! I’ve always wanted to experience this!! 😉

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“G-Force-One”, that’s a cool name! I really hope one day I get to experience this, that would be amazing!

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I would love to see a 727 in real life, Awesome photos. That plane looks Amazing!


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