ZERO-G Flight Switzerland

Today Novespace visited Switzerland with their special ZERO-G A310 to make a so called parabelflight, the first in Switzerland. This flight has been organized by the different universities in Switzerland, like the ETh or University Lausanne. The flight will most likely be held every year once or twice from now on and tickets will most likely be available.

Check how it work here:
Watch the 360 degree video here (swiss german), still great footage tho: ZeroG Flug mit Michael Weinmann (360-Grad Video) - YouTube
Check the photo gallery of the event here: Panorama - «Wow, was für ein gigantisches Erlebnis!» - News - SRF

A ticket costs about 3000 euros per person, would you go fly on one if you could?


They recently retired and preserved their A300B2-100 right? All I remember was that it was one of the first off the line (In the single digits) and was very old, 38-40ish?

Yes that’s true. You can actually use every aircraft for such flights ;) This “new” A310 is the EX VIP plane of Germany btw ;)

I know this is a old topic but I found a really interesting video from H. Moser & Cie.

On the 22nd of September (2015) in Zürich, H. Moser & Cie took to the skies in the first zero gravity parabolic flight in Switzerland, where watch movement and components were tested in a zero gravity environment with no mechanical constraints - a world first.


ahem ahem… @Adrien -_-’

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Yesterday, one year later after the first Zero-G Flight the second flight took place. It can be assumed this is going to be a yearly event now :D

Would be able to track him on FR24?