Zello Live ATC Event Youtube Video Recording

i am pleased to announce that the video of the zello live atc is now up on my youtube page for infinite flight, well done to @Lars_Thorein for the great atc and everyone who participated if they could be tagged in aswell, don’t forget to live and subscribe to my infinite youtube page for regular flights from all destinations :) thanks.


Watching your Video and just realised that you did a Pushback without clearrnce!!😂☝


@Laminar @Alex_Kellagher

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haha my head was all over the place because we was live LOL still a great time!!


GREAT Video!!!

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Well done @Captain_Infinite! 👍
I am looking forward for the next event.🙂

Blue skies

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Thanks guys :) I can’t wait for the next one too 😌 @Laminar @Alex_Kellagher

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Haha By the way, on approach to EHAM you reported right downwind and right base while actually flying a left hand pattern! 😂


Cool, nice video! 👏

When I’m doing my videos I can relax because it’s just me but zello live ATC that’s when I get all messed up because it’s recording lol sod it YOLO 😂


Hey, my name is Steve and I work at Zello. This is awesome! Is there any chance we could connect to talk a bit about your channel / group? We’re always trying to highlight how people around the world are using Zello and this is a new one to me at least! If you’re interested, I’m at steve@zello.com.

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Hi bro I emailed you or we can talk on here if it’s easier :)

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