Zello event with a VATSIM controller @ EGLL - 211900ZDEC16

Were you AUS? I think I might have muted the wrong person, my apologies.

are maydays allowed ?

not at all. Lol

okay, yeah there would be a lot of shouting involved lol.

This is the best thing in IF I’ve done in a long time. We should have an expert server with voice ATC enabled.


Me too such a fun experience for all.

The most fun I’ve had with IF for a while. Great job @Mats_Edvin_Aaro

Keep me informed on how the emergency services did :)

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Hold short, chimney and something about cookies and cream lol

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Expect chimney5 departure via cookies then cream.

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Rudolph heavy, number 1 cleared to land on roof. Exit through Chimney then taxi to tree.


Thanks for such a great night tonight

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Rudolph Heavy Go around, I repeat Go around make right traffic!

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Missed approach vectors to COOKI then SANTA

Those are actual waypoints if I remember correctly

Actually it is please do not try to argue otherwise because you will lose.


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