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In the wake of IF developers adding a basic ATC system into live, how has your use of Zello changed? If you used Zello before to add ATC in IF, do you still use it? Did you abandon it? What about other flight simulators? Do you still use Zello for ATC on FSX, X-plane, ETC.? Which channels do you feel are best for ATC if you still use Zello? What do you think ATC on Zello and IF live could change for a better/more realistic experience?

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To me, although that does sound realistic, I don’t really like it. I’m happy as an Advanced ATC and with what the developers have put in.


I respect the devs & the ATC is a very good system & easy to use & I’d love to be advanced. But I think zello & other apps are working out well for the more advanced ATC stuff hopefully the devs will eventually add this to the game & these others won’t have to be used☺

I know DJ has pretty much said it already… But this is exactly why the devs implement the ATC system that we have today - Simple but effective.

In my opinion its a bit hard to complain about “Power hungry admins” on zello when on the FDS fourn seeing IF has a built in ATC system

Personally I’d like to see Zello use banned from the Adv server ( I’m aware this is impossible to enforce) we have hand picked advanced ATC for a reason… Nothing more annoying than seeing an adv ATC post about opening a zello atc session when they could occupy an official atc station

That’s my take on it anyway :)

It is never used on advanced server always on the FF server

Please note guys, many people who use Zello as an ATC platform, also tend to use other flight simulators instead of Infinite Flight. I myself have used Zello for ATC on FSX.

Zello is already great. I could only say one area to improve is a better stage for small channels with little users. Other then that, all the problems lie with the channel owners/admins/moderators.

I think it’s quite a leap to assume you can get more ‘professional’ ATC on Zello. We haven’t had the best of luck testing individuals who said they do Zello ATC.


@D_Gee, I don’t think the Developers will ever implement a system like this, especially when it can easily be broken. This “Zello” app might be good for some of you taking realism to an extra level, but I will stick what is natural to IF, no need for these fake tans! You’ll end up like most London Girls going clubbing past their curfew!

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I just downloaded Zello today, and I have to say: I like it. It seems good. I’ll definately use it again.

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