Zello ATC training class

I will be doing a zello ATC lesson this upcoming Thursday 6/30/2016 starting at 6pm Zulu time on the zello channel IFSIM training.I am a real life pilot and I use real ATC every day.
it is a free class hosted by me and i welcome everyone to join. we will practice verbal ATC etiquette and proper sayings.
please join. @keithjames99
RSVP if you can come.

thanks in advance


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What airport?


there is no airport. we are only using the zello channel @Carson

Oh and to clear things up, this event has nothing to do with IFSIM, It is just one our training instructors practices efficient training.

Just an update, we are not flying, this is just a Zello lesson using the Zello channel IFSIM training. Please tune to the Zello channel IFSIM training for the fun lesson this Thursday


if anyone would like to come, please PM me for more info

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Just a reminder, the class is tomorrow at 6pm Zulu time on the Zello channel IFSIM training. Join us


Will show my face

That is 2pm New York time.

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7pm bst timezone

Awsome. Talk to you tomorrow @jjt0909

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Just to clarify, this class will be on the Zello app, tune into frequency called IFSIM training for the lesson. It starts at 6pm Zulu time sharp tomorrow. So join us, it will be a lot of fun.

We only have about 5 spaces left

I am RSVPed, right?

Yep, you are all good @Padi3_14

I’ll be there in 30 minutes!

Awesome @Padi3_14

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The event is starting in 20minutes from now, on the hour on the Zello channel IFSIM training. Improve your vocal ATC skills today

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I’m there!