Zello ATC Topics

Please only make Zello ATC topics in the Events format. The #live:atc is for in game ATC. Zello is an external app so using the Infinite Flight forum to talk about it is a privilege.

If you are new, please find the events format here:

Make sure the topic format is “Zello ATC @ xyz”. We are doing this so only one Zello topic per day MAX is posted by a user. Having 3/4 in quick succession clogs up forum.


My apologies, Misha.

I think he’s referring to @Flying_Luc more as he has created around 3 threads I think…

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No worries. We have only just agreed on this today (:


When I made mine I spent ten minutes putting it in event format and it got moved to ATC -_-

Well not any more 😉

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No worries, I guess because nobody made it clear, Regulars thought it belonged to the ATC category but since our dear Superman has explained, I think we won’t be having anymore problems regarding the categorization of this kind of posts :))


If it isn’t in the #live:events format and regulars can’t make it into the #live:events format, do we move it to live, just like normal events?

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Make it into events format. You shouldn’t be moving incorrect events into live anyway. Flag it if they don’t have the correct info as people shouldn’t post events without all the correct information needed for the title.

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I was wondering maybe we should also maybe open a channel for solo flying?

I don’t think calling out names is needed here

The mod can deal with them themselves

This isn’t name calling… Name calling is like calling one “stupid” or “dumb”

Oh and I think you can MYOB too sia

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