Zello ATC needed

Does anyone have a zello Chanel so I could do some flying at all.

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Sure ping me now at PiloteerFrankie on Zello. I won’t mind giving you some ATC…

Cheers pal

I can give that to you only on Live though…

What’s your Zello Name

Give me 2 secs whilst I re download it

Okay… It’s gonna take some time ima take a shower… :P

Okay so I see it’s taking time so… I can’t help you today mate sorry!

im on zello but ur going in the shower

Ok lemme give a quick one!

Add me right now so I can give some quality ATC

oh, sorry my lives run out

Your what?!

IF Live Subscription

Ohh sorry then

Yes Infinite Flight- Crius… on Zello…

Casual server at KSAN.

Will do ATC until 11am or later.

Erm whens that, I’m in the UK

I’m a VATSIM ATC, and sure I can get on. :) If you want?

I mean I will try my best, whats ur zello

@enern i think