Zello ATC - JFK Free Flight Server [CLOSED]

Lets make best use of this difficult weather!

Free Flight Server Zello ATC is open,

Download the Zello app and tune into the following frequencies

EWR Ground - 121.800
EWR Tower - 118.300

Follow the chart too! http://aircharts.org/data/view.php?id=e6ceb27b-e5c2-5207-a35a-2becae49128f


I tried earlier no one came.

Have a pen and paper ready to note taxiway instructions down

I have a few down to come - come and fly if you can

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Can I be Ground if possible?

I will have to estimate your positions, so please forgive me if I am slightly off :)

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if you want

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Ok I’ll come now

I’m going to come. Have to print airport chart on paper 😉

Siberian 327( a319)

Come in a few like 10 min

Updated for Newark EWR

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I come in around 15 minutes

Come one come all! I’m in the tower, let’s get this party started!

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SORRY GUYS had the wrong chart
Iets time I control on zello😞

Come guys Lets fly here on KEWR

I Need a little bit longer, but I come ASAP

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There are two different charts I first had the wrong one but this is the one you must have


Its cool !
Come and do some T&Gs


Quick question if you used that which had PB instead of CC how did you know I was to go to CC?

Had a great time. looking forward to the next event tag me and i’ll try and join. (Delta 752)

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