Zello ATC @ EGSS closed

Server: FreeFlight Server (FFS)

Region: London

Airport: EGSS (London Stansted)

Time: 1930Z

NOTAM: This is a Zello ATC event, you need to install the Zello App on another Device… Look out for FFS traffic

ATC: EGSS Stansted ground: @JDE1303
EGSS Stansted tower @TnTpilotBE

FREQUENTIES: EGSS ground 121.725
EGSS tower: 123.8



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Yes!!! I love Zello and especially ATC, definitely coming! :)

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Zello CHANNELS have been updated!

I assume this is today.


@Carson why did you put this in the live categorie

Because it didn’t fit the events format.

Oh ok i see you corrected the title, thanks!

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This is my first time doing atc on Zello so if I’m slow or make some mistakes please bare with me!


Let’s test your skills! :)


Lol, it also is a long time ago for me so 👍


I’ll come maybe :)

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CLOSED due to lack off traffic

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Wow I was coming

How to add the frequencys on Zello? Or do i just add the users? Cause couldn’t find @TnTpilotBE on it…

You got to channels, hit add channels then type in EGSS ground 121.725
EGSS tower 123.8

👍 Thanks got it…will enter next event when its in a time,where iam not in rem phase…


Wait, it’s not even 17:30 Zulu yet! Lol!

I’m trying to sort something out so don’t worry! Also it’s now 19:00 Zulu ;)

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This evening 18.00 ZULU Zello ATC?

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