Zello ATC @ EGSS - 121130ZAPR16

Server: Free Flight

Region: London

Airport: EGSS

Time: 11:30Z

Ground: @JDE1303
Tower: @Captain_Dan
EGSS ground 121.725
EGSS tower 123.8
You must have Zello installed on a different device then the one you wish to fly with!
Aerodrome Chart



A warning would of been nice. I will be in bed by then.

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Ok what about 11:15Z?

Nope soz. I legit got to go in about 30 mins.

Ok no problem!

Maybe tommorow. I’m sure you can handle ground and tower ;)

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@Captain_Dan you’re now tower if that’s ok?

30 minutes to go! @Captain_Dan

Could you do another one at around 20:00z today

I’ll see what I can do!

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I’m over at LHR going to fly over to Stansted, is this event still going ahead?

Yes we’re now open!

Hoe does this work?
What do I need to seach in Zello?
I can’t find anything with EGSS.

You go to channels and search:
EGSS ground 121.725
EGSS tower 123.8

Nothing is found!

Sorry my mistake search:
EGSS Stansted ground 121.725
EGSS Stansted tower 123.8

are u still on?

Yes but I’ll close soon if no one turns up!

I’m coming

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Still can’t find it!