I’m opening up zello ATC at EGBB on the Free flight server and anyone is free to stop by
Frequencies and Chart:
EGBB - Chart - http://aircharts.org/data/view.php?id=3cd2082d-7266-5102-8aac-6339c4a5a0926

Ground - EGBB Ground (121.6)
Tower - EGBB Tower (118.9)

What does Zello mean?

It’s an app for mobile devices that is almost like a walkie talkie, but multiple people can be on the same channel from all over the world

So it´s like talking to other pilots and the ATC IRL?

Yeah!.. With realistic taxi instructions too

Can you give me more details?

Sure, what would you like to know?

Can’t you tell people which taxiways to take?

Not until there are taxiway indications I guess.

You can use the Airport diagram link

Yeah, like, Swiss 22 12 Taxi via alpha, left on bravo 1, and then hold short of echo

The airport diagram has taxiways and all that

Is it available for Android?

I would but I’m not home right now… And doesn’t this belong in the atc section

I think so, I have it for Iphone

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Yeah, let me change that

Anyone stopping by?

@Sturmovik you dropping by?

Don´t have Live. Thanks anyway.

No problem!

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