Zello ATC @ EGBB - 112100ZSEP16

Server: Casual

Region: London Region

Airport: EGBB

Time: 2100Z

NOTAM: *VFR/IFR Charts used for all skill levels! ATC will be available in surrounding airports upon request. Clearance and ATIS also available!
Channel Name: Infinite Flight ATC Center
Charts: http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=30&Itemid=79.html *


Will be there

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Wow the temptation to mess around

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I will join with great pleasure. Thanks :)

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Maybe I can make it to this.

Going to change this to tomorrow because I’m not available for it this evening due to unforeseen circumstances!

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If this event lasts at least an hour I can make it.

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EGBB 111850Z 19006KT CAVOK 14/10 Q1014
Landing and Departing Runway 15
ILS in use Runway 15
All VFR Aircraft say direction of flight
All Aircraft readback hold short instructions
advice controller on initial contact you have info julliet

VFR departures expect routing direct to intersections
IFR aircraft expect routing to UNPAG INT

If it’s still, on I would like to join. I have Zillow ATC loaded. Dodobird 1

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dosent start for another 30 minutes!

event started

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