Zello ATC Channel!

Hello there, pilots!

We all know about that “Infinite Flight Pilots” Zello channel, and it’s pretty good, but the owner has abandoned it, causing trollers and channel blockers to take over the channel. We need a new channel, with moderators online 24/7, has great ATC, and is a friendly place for everyone to experience voice ATC. Well, wait no more.

Come join me and others that come on every day to get great ATC at Infinite Pilots/ATC, the best Zello channel for ATC!

Visit our website to connect to the channel and look at some info.

If you don’t have Zello, you can get it here.

We also have one moderator position left that needs to be taken. If you go to our website and head over to the staff page, you will see a button that says “We are hiring! Click Here!”. If you click it, you will be brought to the registration page and will be emailed once we review your information.

Happy flying!

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How are we handling scheduling?

How do i find the channel? And when is it live?

I have been using your channel for a few months now. There are good controllers there. I also spend some time on “infinite flight pilots u.s control”

At this moment, there is no schedule, but if you ever join someone will probably be on that will do ATC for you. I am usually on all of the time and usually do ATC for everyone.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, you must rather use Solo mode, or the Free Flight server on Live mode. I recommend Solo mode because it’s not as laggy, which gives you a better flying experience.

Go to THIS LINK and press the “Connect” button. That should open the Zello app and bring you to the channel automatically.