Zello ATC ATC at the Airport of the Month @ EFKM - 251720ZFEB18

Server: Casual

Region: Lapland Finland

Airport: EFKM

Time: 1720Z

NOTAM: NEED THE ZELLO APP This is a GA AIRPORT ONLY. Refer to my Airport of the Month topic for more information of what you can do. Fly around the Kemijärvi Lake, or fly to Rovaniemi. Or fly from Rovaniemi. **There will be a ninety minute ATC window, so please come between 1720-1850Z.

In honor of Europe having ATC tomorrow, and for the Airport of the Month, I will be offering Zello ATC on the Casual at an airport that doesn’t have ATC compatibility. If you fancy discovering rural, lake-spotted Finland, consider giving me a Zello call! The Zello chat name is Infinite Flight-CBaccari.


Is this an event, or a public controlling session because you have the event format under ATC

It’s both. I’ve always been torn between using the Events or the ATC category for these things.

I should be attending! Most likely an inbound Cessna208

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Awesome sauce. See you then.image

Are you using any special charts?

No charts, just enjoy a VFR flight of the Kemijärvi Lake or fly to EFRO. Or something else.

Sounds good. Can’t wait!

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ATTENTION! Services at Kemijärvi will begin within the next twenty minutes! I will be sending a test Zello message in a few minutes before we get started.

This is not allowed on Expert. If you wish to use some other form of ATC do it on the casual server.


Additionally, Zello ATC promotion is only allowed via #live:events on this forum.