ZBAA-EIDW carrying medical supplies

ZBAA-EIDW with medical supplies on board, aer lingus a350, TS

Succsefull takeoff!

Cruising at 35k feet!

And we’re on the decent!

Short final!

And a very smooth landing!

Welcome to EIDW!

Flight time: 10 hrs.


That’s a totally unnecessary bump mate.


I am sorry

No worries. 😉

Looks like some great photos you got there, and a very smooth (buttery) landing!

Yes…one of my best landings!

The magic of appr nav1!

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I like the landing and how you saved people’s lives by sending supplies to another country!

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I did this flight the other week, bringing back PPE for the Irish health service!

Yep, full ppe!

Yes. Bejing to dublin with the best plane ever: st Ronan :)

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