ZBAA airport issues

  1. According to blog post ZBAA should have stand guidance, but I didn’t found them in any of the stands. I also searched for the gates that fitted VDGS, but they’re still not there. Here’s ZBAA Gate 333, which should have a stand guidance:

FYI here’s the China AIP document where stands with VDGS are listed:

source, P39

  1. The jetbridges on remote gates (shown below) cannot reach aircraft doors, tested on B744:

Location (works fine on other gates):

(The selected gate also spells wrong 😂 should be “remote”)

Hey there, thanks a lot for the report. I’ve also been able to reproduce this, so I’ll have this noted internally. Again, thanks for the report. Sourcing information for airports in China isn’t exactly the easiest task.


Thanks! This file is not confidential otherwise I can’t find it 😄
Hope it can be fixed soon!