Zazzle Apparel & Accessories

Was just looking around on and decided to design my own Infinite Flight designs for fun (not for sale of course). Maybe give the devs some ideas? What is your opinion on the items below? What would you most likely purchase? Name your price!


Looking awesome! 😂😄😀

I would totally buy the jumper and the iPhone case. Love you creativity Swang007.

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i want the iPhone 6 case!

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Business cards? Why would anyone outside of FDS need business cards with the IF logo on? Hmm… :)


iPhone 6s case pls lol

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I want case for Iphone 6 Plus
Do they posting with DHL Service? or not avvaible service? Im living in Germany and i I would like much.

Do they Sweatshirt different colours for saleings? How blue green red yellow etc
Price 39,99 €.

Anybody live in Korea. I can get Sean’s items made & delivered in a day at an Oson Street Market. Sweat Shirts $5, Phone Covers a buck apiece, Mugs a quarter !
Max Sends

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I like the mug. I have decided that I’ll let you make one and buy it for me.

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I think I love you…😂😂😂😂😂


Mug. Just mug.

I would be most interested in the hoodie and the iPhone case. :)

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Very nice 😀 The mug is a must. Same is true for the sticker.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be somehow personalize those items?

You can buy personalized stationary… I’ve also recently seen model cars provided online that offer specific license plates.

So why not offer a mug marked with one’s call sign 😏

collard shirts!!! I love it though

I was thinking the same. For some reason I find the black hoodie more appealing than the gray.

I take whatever has an Infinite Flight logo on it hahaha :)


I would like that Mug. I mean, my Mrs has a Candy Crush one.

Where’s my mug Swang? The postie has been and he didn’t deliver a mug.

You’ve let me down, you’ve let the IF community down and most of all you’ve let yourself down.

Want a mug. Want it now.