Zak’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSNA

Hey Everyone! I’ll be opening the Tower at KSNA this evening June 1st, 2020.

Where should we go next? Comment below and I’ll update the title of the post when I’m in the tower.

Everyone is welcome to join on the training server but please be respectful. The airport will be open for pattern work as well as normal arrivals and departures. Act professional and have fun! I’ll see you in the skies!

I’m usually in the Tower at least three to four times a week. I’ll update this thread when my location each time to make it easy for folks looking for an organized and professional place to get some flying in.


I just took off from Denver in a Alaska 737-9. I was the plane that took off before the Delta 787

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What time will this be EST?

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Hey! Awesome! I think you were the last plane I cleared before logging off for a bit. I’ll be on again later if anyone wants to do pattern work.

I was on for about 1.5 hours. I’ll be back online later this evening. Trying to monitor the protests outside my house.

I’ll keep this feed updated with where I’m at!

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Currently Open at KSNA

I’m N413HL overall descent job there is room for improvement

  • if you are not clearing an airplane for the option for the first time to a runway or if they are new and have requested pattern you will tell them “cleared for the option … make left/right traffic” other than that tell them just “cleared for the option runway xxx” as it is a given to make left or right traffic
  • clear the person for the option by the midpoint and alot of your clearances for me were when I was on final.
  • if someone is not too far from landing on the runway dont clear the other person for an immediate takeoff just have them wait. you did that and made me go around.
  • good job sending me the duplicate frequency change that was really a test

Sorry about N971XX I know who that person is and they were being difficult on teaching them. anyways overall good job just keep those tips in mind :)

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll keep working on it!

That darn N971XX was killing me. He stayed on the ground frequency when in the air and on tower frequency when on the ground.

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