(Zagreb)ZAG NDB glitch?

I honestly don’t know where to categorise this honestly.

Normally, when one tunes to an NDB, it would switch directly to ADF5 with no ability to have a localizer on its own. A few days ago on approach to Zagreb(LDZA), one of the procedures of the STAR I was flying was to intercept a radial for the ZAG VOR. ZAG VOR is right next to ZAG NDB. The ZAG VOR was glitchy and unable to set up NAV1 and NAV2, meanwhile, the NDB set up ADF1 and ADF2 in place of the NAV1/2 with their full functionalI ties enabling me to intercept a radial to an NDB. I don’t know if this is the usual since I haven’t experimented with NDBs much, but what a surprise.

NAV2 engaged is the supposed ADF2 for the ZAG NDB.

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It looks like you’re flying via GPS (magenta line) and reverse course to the ILS being displayed (which isn’t realistic, but it looks like it). Could this explain the issue?

I have to be honest, I’ve never seen ADF 2 in the game before, definitely strange. Did the problem every repeat?

I returned to GPS after completing the segment requiring the VOR usage. Sorry for the misleading screenshot.

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I tried and for some reason, after engaging another VOR as well as one of the ILSs, I could still see the ADF2 functionality when I engaged the NDB again.

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Sorry, my bad then. Can’t really help here then as I am not really experienced in NDB usage…

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