Zagreb airport confusion

Is there a terminal or not?

This is FR24
This is Google Earth
It also seems that flights leave from this terminal which i’m not sure if it exists or not.
Does this terminal exist? Has it been demolished?

Yep thats the new terminal of LDZA

But why doesn’t Google Earth show it?

This is from Google Maps

It depends on what Satellite Image version they have.

I know that Google Earth has updated scenery because when I look at my home airport, I see that it is much more updated in Google Earth than in FR24

Maybe they have old imagery for that area of the world

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If you look closely you can see the year of the satelite image, some even dates back to 2009

The thing is, i’m trying to find which gate a certain flight had. So where is the gate at Zagreb?

Where does it say that? What image?

Maybe not on a phone app but if you go to the google map on your internet browser you will see it.

There are many Regions whit old or verry old Satellite images.

Google map had 2019 scenery in Zagreb

On Google Maps i like how this Plane passed by wen the imgae was taken 🤣

Lol i noticed that too

now the question what Aircraft type is it and the harder question which Airlin 🤣

Wild guess Lufthansa A321

Ok ok, let’s not talk about other things. Can someone help me find the gate for OU640?

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That was what I was thinking too lol.The vertical stabiliser gave it away

yeah i definitely would say its an Airbus from the 320 Family but Qirline is verry hard