Zachary_Naponic’s Radar Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Zach’s Radar Tracking Thread

Per my awesome trainer @ShaneAviation , I have created a tracking thread to help accelerate my training!
Airport: CYVR
Frequency: Approach
Time: N/A
Area of focus: Pattern Management, Terrain & Aircraft Separation
Approach Type: ILS,VIS,GPS,RV
Server: Training
Rules: Please listen to ALL commands. I take this very seriously, and I will not tolerate trolls. Also please note all feedback. Thanks in advance!

Good day/night! I am open @ YSCB! Runway 35 in use.

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Open at YSCB again! Feel free to drop by.

Open @ OAKB! 😏⛰

No issues from me . Thanks for having me !

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Thanks Nee!

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Open at Vancouver! 8’s in use.

Coming in now!

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Feedback (CC-NPR):


  • Well done correcting the 250° heading into 260°.
  • No further issues.


  • I would have used 3,000 on the base turn or intercept, and 4,000ft on downwind.
  • 2,000ft is too low for an ILS base (considering that the intercept altitude should be 3,000ft).
  • A reverse intercept was not needed, a regular intercept would do. Altough it was good.
  • No further issues.


  • No issues

Good job! Hope to see you controlling radar on expert soon :)

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Thanks alot for coming🖤

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