Zachary_Naponic’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Opening Ground and tower for an hour if you want to do some patterns or inbounds.

I’ll stop by soon!


For anyone that comes please pm me with comments !

Open at KRND (Randolph Air Base) Using Runways 33L and 33R. Winds Calm (340@3kt)

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I’ll try to stop by later.

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Open @ SKBO for pattern work at ground procedures! Winds are 230 @8kt

I’ll come by now.

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had to close because of a troll

ATC Feedback hope this helps.
1.Didn’t say enter left downwind.
2.You cleared me on early downwind which was good.
3.Number one cleared for the option multiple times was correct.
4.Did not say traffic alert with aircrafts.
5.Bad on the full stop landing message only say roger not number one cleared to land.
6.Transition to low add airport elevation by AGL 8358+2500=10,858 round this up to the nearest 500 11,000 feet.
7.Number 1 cleared for the option after the option make left traffic was good because I came from a different airport but I wasn’t doing touch and goes I was landing watch out for the landing message and the touch and go message.
8.Exit command was late try 70-60 kts for airliners and 50-40 for GA.
9.Good message for DHL 5321 ‘’cancel takeoff clearance’’ but you didn’t tell me to go-around DHL 5321 was over the hold short line.
10.runway change was bad because of 7.
That’s all from me today hope this helps you on your ATC journey.

Opening back up at PAFA (Fairbanks Intl.) Using Runways 2L and 2R

I can come and fly some patterns in half an hour if you’re still open.

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still open !!

Heading over in just a second

Nevermind, I got something to do, I’ll try to come back if I have time

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If anyone else is planning to come beware of FedEx 316 Heavy thats trolling on my frequency

Ok, coming!

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Feedback (CC-NPR):

  • Good transition altitude.
  • Good pattern entry.
  • Good clearances.
  • Wrong clearance on my runway change – Always give traffic direction on your clearance on inbound and runway changes.
  • No need for the “cleared to land” after reporting position – When an aircraft reports position + full stop once they’ve been cleared for the option, you should answer with “Roger”.
  • Didn’t catch that I was landing on the wrong runway, and therefore, the go around.
  • Good timing on the exit runway.

Very good session, although you’ll need more traffic to test sequencing skills. Have a good day/night.

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Open @ LFBO !

Congratulations on passing your practical test and welcome to the team! 🎉