Zach007’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

After finally really thinking and thinking, I think I’m going to try and join IFATC. So I’m back at my favorite airport to control at the beautiful KSAN, also Tyler’s favorite.

  • Landing runway 27 only please be respectful of this rule

  • Pattern work is allowed as always

  • Wind is 3 Knots at 120 degrees

  • Last but not least please be respectful of others and aware where you are in the airspace.

Thanks for coming and I’ll see you next time…


I’ll come and do some pattern work :)
(Next time id advise opening a airport with 2 runways parallel to eachother)

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stopping by :)

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Well I do see your point I’ve been told this as it helps with runways changed and vice versa. But I love to control here and have past experience with it because I used to open here a lot when I had my other tracking thread.

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Yeah i understand, and it is your choice!

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Good work Zach! Feedback as follows - i was American 201. (I am apart of IFATC)

Good things:

  • Overall sequencing was very good
  • Good clearing for the option
  • Great call on the GA
  • Dealt really well with incoming traffic (pattern entries)
  • saying “thank you good day!”
  • Duplicate frequency change message

Things to work on:

  • When KUWAITI was inbound you sequenced them as number 3, should’ve been number 4
  • Exit runway command was way too early. I was at 100knots - should give it at about 70knots for jets

Overall great work, you should make it into IFATC in no time. As i said would love to see you at an airport with 2 runways to see how you do.


I’ll find one that I’ll like and open it tomorrow. I want to see how I do to lol

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Today we try a parallel runway airport KLCK Know as Rickenbacker Int. Airport. New airport for me but it has parallel runways so we are gonna try it.

Notams for KLCK

  • We will use runways 5L and 5R today.

  • Pattern work is allowed and runway changes are too ( 5L to 5R and vice versa)

  • Listen to ATC be respectful of others and have fun.

Thanks to all who come out today and help me practice it’s very much appreciated.

I’ll come and do some pattern work!

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I’m very impressed!

Good things:

  • Great pattern entry commands for runway changes
  • Faultless clearing for the option
  • Runway exit command was perfect timing, well done on acting on my feedback from yesterday!
  • Check assigned runway command was used well

Things to work on:

  • On my first runway change, when clearing me for the option, you didn’t to make right/left traffic after the option. Though on my second runway change it was rectified so well done!!

Improved from yesterday and showing great signs. Shame there wasn’t more aircraft so i could test your sequencing with runway changes.
Great work!


Thank you for the feedback sir it helps greatly.

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Controlling in the Car

Yep I’m back controlling in the car I am lol. Rickenbacker it is because of parallel runways

   Notams KLCK
  • Pattern work allowed runway changes as well

  • We are going to use the 5’s again but there is no wind according to the metar

  • Have fun be respectful and be aware of others in the airspace please.

Home now. It we are controlling at another airport KSAN the greatest airport of all time.

       KSAN Notams
  • 27 only landing and taking off

  • Pattern work is allowed

Be aware of others in the airspaces as well and have fun.

We are open for business baby.
Opening Rickenbacker again today as this is a good airport

   Notams for KLCK
  • Pattern work is allowed along with runway changes

  • Winds clam 3 knots as of now

  • Be respectful and aware

  • We will use runway 5L and 5R for this occasion

I know some of you guys are looking to do patterns right now.

We are in Sunny Florida today working on my ATC skills. Northwest Florida International is open for business and ready for patterns.

   KECP Notams
  • Pattern work allowed

  • Runway 34 is in use as it’s a convenience and wind is calm at around or at 4 Knots

  • Thank you if you do come have fun and be aware of what you’re doing.

I know someone is bored and wants to do patterns

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