Zach’s Trip Report Tracking Thread

This is my first ever Trip Report! I just flew it yesterday and edited the entire video and uploaded it today! I’m so proud of it! I won’t put the flight information here though, as it is already in the description of the video!
Sit back, relax and enjoy! Please don’t hesitate to critique it on things that could change!


That’s actually very good! I watch a lot of these so from my experience and what I like, I would say use less wing views, I watch these and a few others I’m sure for the overview of the service, cabin, aircraft, airport/boarding experience. Wing views make for long videos and just make me bored, if you do keep them perhaps time lapse it and then slow it back down for the approach. Also don’t forget to show the service in board, drinks, food etc. And finally conclude with what you thought about the flight, good service, nice cabin/aircraft, reliable, value for money etc. Keep it up!


I actually thought about adding a time lapse video in there while I was falling asleep last night, but completely forgot while I was editing the video! Great advice though, and I’ll definitely try and work it in for the next trip report!

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Like @Chatta290 I watch lots of Trip reports and his suggestions are spot on 👌

Whenever I do trip reports I do a variety of shots. Whether it’s a toilet shot or Cabin shots. I make sure to not bore viewers with the same type of shots. I think the favorite thing I like to do is a time lapse from the decent and into a regular shot when the plane is about to touchdown. Pretty cool to watch. Keep up the work man!


@Chatta290 @Pilot_urp new trip report is out. More timelapse and cabin views. Not as much cabin views as I thought but a little more than the last


Much better now, great work!

I actually really enjoyed this

By any chance did you see KORD at all because those two airports are so close to each other

Wow! That’s cool! Very nice video.

I was so hoping to see it but as you probably saw in the video, it was a very hazy, and the cloud cover was extremely low😭

can i please know your youtube channel so i can subscribe to your channel

Excellent! Great job with the additions.
Can’t wait for the next one


im also suggesting your favotive airlines is southwest

Haha! How’d you know😂

New trip report is OUT! Last one for the year

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