Z-Tube's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed Forever, Officially IFATC]

Check your taxiways real quick for me

@ToasterStroodie Oh my. How do I fix that?

check out that progressive taxi menu :)

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All fixed! Sorry about that, I got worked up when tower got really busy.

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Oh boy, I am about to get slammed for screwing that up 😬

Gimme a few min to type stuff up, I gotta eat brunch first lol

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American 1075 here, this is kind of long but it’ll help!

Sequencing and clearing was for the most part correct and efficient.

Transition altitude was too high. The airport elevation was 166(rounds up to 200), so props will fly at 1,200 and jets at 1,700. You need 1,000 feet of vertical separation from other traffic, so that gets you 2,700. Always round up, so your transition altitude should’ve been 3,000, not 3,500.

You initially sequenced me #2 behind traffic on final. When the traffic went around, you didn’t resequence me behind it until I was cleared #2 for the landing. So, after the go around you should’ve said, “American 1075, number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind” and THEN cleared me to land number 2. Remember, if anything changes, a resequence is required.

Finally, you told me to exit the runway when I touched down at 120 knots. Aim for 60-70. You also told me instead of the correct aircraft to LUAW after I landed.

The essentials are there! Just make sure to always sequence and get those transitions right and you’ll be ready to try for IFATC in no time!

@Robert_Mustillo First of all, thank you for coming! I really thank you for it. Secondly, thanks for the feedback! I will provide what happened below :)

Yes, I am aware. I made that adjustment to the next aircraft that flew overhead. I instructed him for 3,000 ft.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea I should’ve done that. Thank you for telling me!

Yep, I know. That is where tower got busy and I struggled.

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1524Z: Good transition altitude of 3,000ft.

1527Z: I called inbound for touch and go, however I was not given a pattern entry. Make sure to give a pattern entry, before clearing for the option.

1531Z: No sequence to follow D-4NNY. Sequence, then clear.

1531Z: Take note, you do not need to tell the aircraft which direction (Left/right traffic) to go every option. The only time you tell them which direction to go is when a runway change occurs or when the aircraft is first inbound.

1533Z: Requested change to Runway 03. You asked me to enter left base, which is incorrect. It should’ve been enter left downwind, instead of base.

1534Z: I just realised I did not receive a clearance. Make sure to clear your aircraft!

1535Z: D-4NNY had to initiate a go around as the runways were intersecting and we were about to collide. In this situation, you should have asked me to extend downwind, and this way such conflicts would not happen.

1536Z: No exit runway command. Make sure to give your aircraft a exit runway command. For jets, below 70kts and for GA, below 40kts would be good.

1537Z: Had to request 2 times before I was cleared to taxi to parking.

1538Z: I requested to cross runway 30, you should have asked me to hold short instead of cross. The aircraft was already on short final by the time you instructed me to cross.

1539Z: Should have used cross runway instead of continue taxi since you asked me to hold short.

1543Z: Ground conflict. Make sure to monitor the ground. I had a aircraft in front of me that literally taxiied through me, while me and @ToasterStroodie had a long standoff. In these cases, you should ask one of us to make 180.

1544Z: Continue taxi not needed.

Couple of things to be worked on, and if you haven’t checked out the resources I mentioned above, do check it out as it helps a lot.

Cheers :)

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Yep. My bad. Noticed after it occurred.

I keep making that mistake. My fault.


Got it! Thanks!


Yes, I mentioned above that I should’ve either issued him a go around or told you to extend upwind.

My fault :(

I know, sorry! I had 3 aircraft inbound at the same time and I got stressed.

Understood. I was debating between the 2 😂

100% aware of what happened (after the fact). I will make sure to monitor next time. I did end up having @ToasterStroodie perform a 180°


Thanks for all the feedback! I will continue to work on my skills!

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Brunch done, feedback time! @TheAviationGallery already addressed a few of my points, but I’ll still include mine just to let you know what it was like from my perspective (not trying to be a broken record lol).

  • One: After takeoff, I should’ve been sequenced to follow TZUYU instead of just being cleared as number two for the option. Remember, also, that traffic directions are not needed when clearing for the option for aircraft already in the pattern. Use them for new, inbound aircraft or when someone is going to land on a different runway than before. If those two circumstances don’t apply, just clear for the option with no extra notes.
  • Two: Same issue as above for TZUYU when I was about to land. Since I wasn’t past the threshold yet, they’d still need to be sequenced as number two before you clear them for the option.
  • Three: Transition for American 1075 was a bit high. Not too sure why you decided to add 500 feet compared to what you initially approved TZUYU for (which was 100% correct), but then again, you really won’t be dinged too much for 500 feet extra (if you did something like 5000 feet, then that’s a different story).
  • Four: Your procedure for handling TZUYU’s runway change was good, but you gave them the wrong pattern leg. image Here’s an image you can use for future reference about the pattern legs of the runway; it can help you out a lot! That said, having TZUYU enter the left downwind for Runway 03 would’ve been fine; it was a bit early for them to go for base.
  • Five: Same issue as above for clearing for the option; no traffic direction was needed for me since I was still going to 30. I don’t think TZUYU got clearance for 03, but that could just be me not being able to read well.
  • Six: I’m glad you noticed the go-around, even though I had to initiate it. That shows you were at least conscious of why it happened, which is good!
  • Seven: Good job for the pattern instruction and sequencing for American 1075 to follow me! That was very well handled. Now, just make sure to do that for every aircraft from now on :)
  • Eight: When I said I was full-stop, you did not need to clear me again to land. Clearing for the option covers that, among other things. You’re not the only one that makes this mistake, so don’t fret it too much. Just remember that once you’ve cleared them, don’t clear them again. You can do a resequence if needed but just don’t re-clear. Also good on you for putting me in front of American 1075; that was a good call!
  • Nine: I’m glad you realize you forgot the exit runway command.
  • Ten: As @TheAviationGallery mentioned above, we had a standoff on the taxiway for quite a bit. He also got smushed by another plane, but that’s just normal activity on the training server for you. I was hoping the stand by would have alerted you to our situation without me explicitly telling you, but at the end of the day, the situation got resolved. Just know that if an aircraft sends you a message, no matter what it is, you should try and take a look at where they are in case they’re trying to alert you to a conflict that’s occurring. Remember that ground monitoring is just as important as monitoring planes in the air! A quick note: if a taxiway is a narrower one (today’s was quite wide, so don’t worry about it), have the smaller aircraft do the 180. They’re way more agile! Granted, if the taxiway is big enough for a jet to make that turn, and if it’s more efficient to have the jet do the turn (like today), go ahead and do that. At least you got to practice some progressive taxi instructions today :)

You’ve had some improvements since the last session; there’s definitely still some stuff to work on, however. The major ones I would say are overall awareness and some sequencing, as well as familiarization with pattern legs. Let me know if you have more questions! I’ll be glad to answer them :)


Yep. I messed that one up :(

Yeah, I genuinely didn’t know that I had to do that

Yeah, I don’t know why I did that either, but at least it was only 500 feet :)

Yep. I’m aware. My fault

Alright, I will keep note of that!

Yeah. I also like to be honest and I even go back to my replays to watch what I did wrong :)

I will haha. Thank you!

Will take note of that. At least I did something right!

Can’t learn without acknowledging my mistakes :)

I’ll be the first to admit I totally messed up there. Nothing but my fault.

Anyway, thanks for all the feedback.I will continue to work on my skills, however maybe I shouldn’t apply for IFATC. It seems that if I can’t get the basics, I will struggle and it’ll make me look bad :(

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PM real quick, don’t wanna start a convo that’s gonna jam this thread up :)

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Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 529 Ops and waiting until at least 2020-06-15T04:00:00Z to apply for IFATC since no new applicants are being accepted until then. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFC - Z-Tube

Status: Open from 2020-06-13T03:10:00Z2020-06-13T04:05:00Z

Server: Training Server

Airport: Fresno Yosemite (KFAT)

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

@ToasterStroodie probably should’ve cleared your for 29L so you didn’t have to make such a large turn. Sorry about that!

On your next approach I’ll ask you to come in on 29L

Edit: I guess you like 29R better!

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Hello! I was, as you know (and my name implies), ALT55.

Overall, while I was in your airspace, you did good. A few things:

  • Don’t give me a pattern entry when I’m doing patterns. You cleared that when I requested takeoff remaining in the pattern.

  • “After the option make x traffic” isn’t needed either. You also cleared that with me when I requested takeoff.

You closed before I could sneak my transition in there. Oh, well.

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Knew it! I did it and thought “well that wasn’t right”


ALT55 transition approved at or above 3000 feet

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I believe you can do so! There’s a lot of resources which would help to be honest, and also try learning from your past mistakes.

You will get there one day! All the best 😊

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Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 621 Ops and waiting until at least 2020-06-30T04:00:00Z to apply for IFATC. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFC - Z-Tube

Status: Open from 2020-06-28T01:20:00Z2020-06-28T02:20:00Z

Server: Training Server

Airport: Hong Kong (VHHH)

Frequencies: Ground and Tower


I’ll stop by in a few minutes for a few patterns!

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