Z-Tube's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed Forever, Officially IFATC]

I need to stop by one of these days my friend

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I’d love that. I’m pretty sure I’ll open tomorrow . You can pick the airport :)

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Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 459 Ops, needing 41 more to apply for IFATC. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFC - Z-Tube

Status: Open from 2020-06-10T01:30:00Z2020-06-10T02:30:00Z

Server: Training Server

Airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle (LFPG)

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

@Z-Tube, why unable pattern work?

@TheAviationGallery I clicked the wrong button! Sorry about that!

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I was MHVA-CEO, great session.

0156Z: No need to hand over aircraft to Tower once they are at the hold short line.

0202Z: Requested touch and go, should have gave me a pattern entry (enter right downwind) before clearing for the option/landing

0204Z: Very late clearance for D-4NNY

0206Z: Both D-4NNY and me requested a runway change. You gave us a clearance, but you did not give a pattern entry. Keep in mind, runway changes need a pattern entry.

0206Z: Was cleared 09R, but I was asked to make right traffic after the option. I feel left traffic would be better as I would not conflict with any aircraft on 08R/L then.

0212Z: No exit runway command for me and D-4NNY. Remember to give the exit runway command when the aircraft is safely below 70kts

Couple of things to be worked on, thus I recommend checking out the Infinite Flight ATC Manual and The Perfect ATC Test

These resources would be able to help you a lot , so do check it out when you can.

Cheers :)

Sorry, I had to deal with a family emergency and when I got back I cleared the wrong person first :(

Yes, I agree. I rushed that one. It got very hectic as people spawned in left and right

Everything else was my bad

Thanks for the feedback :)

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Hey there, I was D-4NNY. Here’s my feedback (admittedly, there’s quite a bit of feedback. Apologies in advance for the long read).

  • One: My transition was too low. LFPG is 387ft above sea level (we can call that 400), meaning the transition should be 2900 feet, but since transitions are increments of 500, we’ll round up to 3000 feet. The rule of thumb is pattern altitude for jets (1500ft) plus 1000ft separation = 2500, and then you add airport elevation on top of that.
  • Two: If you don’t have Radar active, or if a plane is not cleared for a certain type of approach (ILS/Visual), you must give them a pattern entry, and then a sequence (if needed) before you clear them. Aircraft will call inbound incorrectly all the time, and it’s your job to make sure you adhere to the rules on how to properly have them prepared for landing. For me, I simply called inbound because there was no Radar to clear me for the ILS or Visual, and as a result, you’d have to give me a pattern entry (sequence wasn’t needed since I wasn’t following anyone) before you cleared me to land. A suitable pattern for me would’ve been “Enter right downwind 08R” and then “Number 1, cleared to land.”
  • Three: I was not given an exit runway command after I was below 70 knots. I actually had to request a frequency change. For jets, once they’re around 70kts, you can send the exit runway command. For props, aim for 30-40 I’d say. This’ll help reduce future workload, and it shows you’re aware of where your aircraft all are.
  • Four: When I requested taxi to parking, you should’ve also cleared me to cross 08L. A lot of times, it’s best for the controller to look ahead and give clearances in advance so aircraft don’t have to stop, request, and resume their movements. It’s more efficient and saves time for everyone.
  • Five: It would’ve been much better to clear me for takeoff first since I was way further down the runway, and I was in a smaller plane so I could get off the ground faster. By clearing me to takeoff first, you could’ve had LYVA019 LUAW and then clear them when suitable. By clearing LYVA019 first, you reduced your efficiency a bit.
  • Six: You didn’t really need to clear me for immediate takeoff. Save that for when the separation between departing and arriving aircraft on one runway is at risk of being lost (2NM final usually). You also forgot to give me traffic directions (right traffic would’ve been a nice choice) when you did clear me.
  • Seven: MHVA-CEO didn’t need to have a “Fly runway heading until at or above xxxx feet.” That’s really only used when ATIS has straight out departures only in the broadcast. If you included that for fear of MHVA-CEO getting too close to me, you’re kind of overstressing yourself. I was already on crosswind when you cleared them for takeoff, so separation wouldn’t be lost. Even if separation is at risk of being lost, it’s favorable to use “extend upwind” when appropriate, rather than fly runway heading until. That said, the correct clearance would’ve been “cleared for takeoff 08L, make right traffic.”
  • Eight: When MHVA-CEO called inbound, you have to give them a pattern and then a sequence.
  • Nine: My clearance was super late. I reported position twice to try and alert you to that; my recommendation is sequence and clear aircraft as soon as you can. Don’t wait until later because you run a high risk of forgetting (I was guilty of that myself). Sequencing and/or clearing when they start their crosswind turn or when they’re early downwind would be a good point.
  • Ten: I would not have cleared Delta 7 17 for takeoff. Line up and wait would’ve been much, much more appropriate. I could’ve had the intention of doing a stop and go, and if that was the case, Delta would be taking off while I was still on the runway, which is not allowed. That’s why I announced a go-around.
  • Eleven: When I requested the runway change, I needed a pattern instruction, and in this case, a sequence as well to follow MHVA-CEO. Do not clear me directly. The proper procedure would’ve been enter right downwind 08R, number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind. (MHVA-CEO did request a change to 09R after, but since that wasn’t requested until after you had cleared me, the sequencing should’ve still applied).
  • Twelve: Same situation here for MHVA-CEO when they requested a change to 09R. They didn’t need a sequence since there wasn’t anyone to follow, so a pattern instruction and then clearance with traffic direction would’ve been just fine.
  • Thirteen: Also no exit runway instruction. You also told me frequency change approved instead of having me contact ground, so I’m not sure why that is. Same issue here as mentioned earlier with the taxi to parking. If a plane is gonna cross a runway, and it’s clear for them to cross, give them clearance beforehand. Makes life much easier!

I know this is a long read, so my apologies again. That said, I would definitely recommend you give the IFATC Manual a readthrough, as well as watch Tyler’s fantastic ATC Tutorials on YouTube. There’s definitely a lot to work on, but you’ll get there eventually. Keep practicing, keep your head up, and continue to be open to more feedback from others as you progress on this journey! Good luck!


I believe I cleared you at 2000 ft, but yes, still low.

My mistake. I got very worked up and I stressed myself out

I clicked the wrong aircraft and told them to exit runway 🤦‍♂️

Yep, I knew that the second after I sent them separately

Yep. That was nothing but my fault

I looked for “make right traffic” but the button wasn’t there! That is why it took me a few extra seconds to clear you. I may have just over looked it, but I truly didn’t see it

Just like you said, I overstressed myself there

I am aware. I skipped a step. Totally my bad

I am aware. That was when I left momentarily since I had a family emergency. I posted that above as well when @TheAviationGallery gave feedback

Yep. 100% my bad. Sorry :(

Again, my fault

My fault

I stressed myself out there. It was my fault

Thanks for all the feedback and taking your time to help me! I really appreciate it!!!


Correct, if you’re really worried about conflict, you can use extend upwind, as mentioned by @ToasterStroodie above. This way there would be enough separation :)

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Definitely! I think you’ll get the hang of things pretty quick. Might I suggest opening smaller airports like KFAT or LFBO for now, just so you can practice the basic concepts and get comfortable with them before going to bigger airports. This will help reduce your tendency to over stress a lot!


@ToasterStroodie Most definitely. The only reason I opened up 2 large sized airports was because I was close to 500 ops when I started and I knew there would be plenty of aircraft. I am at 490 ops now, so I will use a smaller airport for my next opening. Other than that, I really appreciate you attending!

I also have severe anxiety and a stress disorder (probably too much too share), so that certainly doesn’t help, but I want to be IFATC so I will work my hardest


Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 490 Ops, needing 10 more to apply for IFATC. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFC - Z-Tube

Status: 2020-06-10T03:15:00Z2020-06-10T03:45:00Z

Server: Training Server

Airport: Vancouver International (CYVR)

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

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Tag me when your open next time need to stop by!

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Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 504 Ops and waiting until 2020-06-15T04:00:00Z to apply for IFATC since no new applicants are being accepted until then. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: IFC - Z-Tube

Status: Open from 2020-06-12T14:50:00Z2020-06-12T15:50:00Z

Server: Training Server

Airport: Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (LLBG)

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Aw man I just missed it. I’ll join you next time!

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@ToasterStroodie I’ll extend the time :)

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Coming :)) @ToasterStroodie we meet again 🤷‍♂️


I’ll be right there then!



Before you tell me, yes, I know, I should’ve issued you a go around sooner. Sorry about that :(

I also know that I should’ve told you to exit the runway. Sorry about that as well.