Z route over the Atlantic

Hi everyone
It seems every time I fly easy over the Atlantic the z route does not appear when I as setting my flight plane before departure. And when I am near the Atlantic route and I look on the map it appears. Why is this… and why does it not appear when I am pre planning flight path. Is this just me 🤷🏻‍♂️


They change based on which ones are in use IRL, sometimes Z will be used and sometimes it won’t be

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The routes change at different times during the day, you may have neared the track as it became active. You can see tomorrow’s tracks here, if you notice the times they only become active after a certain period.



Ok thanks. Just seems like every time I fly jfk to egll it never appears until I get near the possible routes. But I can see the A track while I am at jfk 🙄

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