YWVA runway suitable for a 717-200?

My first topic. Think its in the right place and couldn’t find an answer in the search engine.

I spawned at YWVA Warnerdale in a 717-200 and was really suprised the game allowed me too when I saw the size of the runway. The Runway is very small and thin.
I can’t upload pics but maybe someone can?

So is it right to attempt a takeoff or indeed landing in a 717-200 at this airport?
If it seems reasonable then please tell me how to do it!

Thank you!

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No, I believe it is too short in regards to realism. You may be able to take off but it wouldn’t be realistic.

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The runway is a little under 4,000 ft and a 717 needs about 5,000 ft depending on weight. The 717 has a lot of power so if you do use a lot of power (~95-100% N1) you could probably make it. It is feasible for it to takeoff but not the most logical or realistic thing to do.

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Ok Thanks to you both, probably a glitch then, I was surprised to be able to spawn tbh. Even lets you spawn in a 737.
Won’t bother as I like realism but I wanted to check I wasn’t missing something.

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The spawning system is very unrefined, where you can spawn in as 737s and larger at LCY, and A380s at KSAN


Isn’t it a grass runway?

Airport spawning is not very strictly regulated by IF, the only limitation IF directly imposes is on heavies. So, for instance, it lets you spawn a 737 at the GoodYear Blimp Base.

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KASE, too.

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