YVR's first daily A380 service!

Yesterday I was happy to see the British Airways A380. Suprisingly quiet and seeing it in person is so cool. I’ve only seen an A380 when my plane landed in Los Angeles. Here is a photo.

It is rumoured that Lufthansa might be after BA and change their 747 flight to an A380 flight.


Nice. I see A380’s every day at Pearson!


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And we still have some people saying that the A380 may just be useless in the coming years as demand drops in general…

Is there only one daily flight using the A380?

I have a feeling that we will see an Emirates A380 in the next 3 years in YVR

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Yep Emirates fly their A380 everywhere they can I’m pretty sure they use them at three airports now in the UK and they are all relatively close together

We will see the Emirates’ A380 everywhere in the next 3 years.


😍😍Love the A380

You live in Vancouver? Me too, caught that yesterday

Yes, BA85/84, changing back to 744 for the winter season

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And nope, rumours should be a 747-8 because only D64/65 are A380 equipped

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Got them all apart form Manchester haha, I wonder how they make money out of using that aircraft as many other airlines can’t even use it to serve one country yet along 4 airports in the same country

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lol. true its taking forever for A380s to come the airport upgraded their terminals and ruways and its just sitting there

oh ok. i heard it from the cashier person when I went looking for plane models and he said he heard from staff like last year

yah but only for the summer season

I’m waiting for a few days and I’ll go up to dirt hill. Spotting there is way easier

I go there too!

by 26R right?