YVR welcomes the Canadian Snowbirds for Operation Inspiration!

hey! on Thursday here at Vancouver, we’ve welcomed the well-known Canadian snow Birds for an event taking place the next day

the event on Friday was named “Operation Inspiration” and flew over most of the major hospitals and care facilities in the lower mainland. it was a spectacular event!

The Snowbirds Arrival at YVR on Thursday


the Snowbirds “operation inspiration” on Friday (ft. CF-18)

I hope you enjoy the pictures! can’t wait to post pictures/video I get from the 2021 Abbotsford airshow next month!


Wow! Those little planes are super cool!

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I agree! they really put on a show for a small plane!

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Yeah they do! 😏

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I saw them during Op Inspiration at the 8 Jet’s hometown!

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I was at playland on the pirate ship ride when they flew over. It shocked me (and tbh I was a little startled!)

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I cant stop looking at your profile pic

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