YVR (Vancouver) Airport hotel!

Has anyone heard off he fairmont YVR, Great spotting hotel! image


That’s pretty awesome, is it outrageously expensive?

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I wouldn´t. I would pay to be on the outside (if it doesn´t rain), without a window blocking me.

I normally stay at the Hilton. You can see the airport a little bit but its much cheaper than the fairmont

You’re in YVR? We should meet up!

I’m dropping off my dad tomorrow for CX837 to HKG

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Well sorry Ian, Back in Texas now!

Only stayed one night, was quite fancy but pretty expensive! Great view of E gates, Landing rnwy and bit of int terminal

How about the Mariott behind the KEDW tower?

E gates aka US gates
Landing runway is both actually, call it 26R
And glad you saw it