YVR Rainy Day Spotting

I went to CYVR (Vancouver International) yesterday and did some rainy morning spotting.


Very nice photos. 😍!


Love the photos! Does anyone else take a quick glance at the new air Canada livery, and think it looks like delta?


Great photos!!! Love dem next gen aircraft!!!

Really nice! Now I wish I had a real camera.

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Very nice photos! If you need anyone to edit them, please let me know!

Dude, that Air Canada looks amazing.
Excelente photos !!

You spotted some rare ones in there! 😜

Wow the Air Canada looks amazing with the new livery. Awesome photos :)

Awesome pictures, what camera do you use?

Thanks Ollie much appreciated

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Will let you know if I need to thanks! 😁

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Yah, the Air Canada is here for a few days doing YVR-EWR-YVR and to Brisbane.

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I have a Canon EOS T2i with an EFS 55-250 mm lens

Great photos, love the low cloud cover!

These pictures are amazing!

Thanks, much appreciated

🤢 You have a Canon…

Yeah, it really does.

Lots of a350s, and i haven’t caught one :(

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