YVR plane - spotting… on a bridge + special E-plane!

Hello avid IFC browser, may i interested you in some plane pictures? Yes? Right this way:

Anyways here are some shots i got today at Vancouver international on the Bridgeport bridge! Including a bonus picture at the end :) enjoy!

JAL 767 from Tokyo Narita

Good old Korean air from Seoul!

American Airlines 737-800 from… i forgor 💀

Delta in one of my favourite aircraft, the A321! From Minneapolis

Air transat! Glad to see you back, what a stunning livery on another A321

A good old united 737-900, something special.

BONUS PICTURE: the worlds first ever all electric plane was being docked at the YVR seaplane terminal, this plane had its maiden voyage back in 2019


Very nice shots! Love the Eplane. @Oskapew check this out

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Thanks! The thing sounded like an angry bee

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“nothing special” ):

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did you catch any departures?

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Not today unfortunately, since they were taking off over the water

It would be, if they didnt fly here so often now lol, ill change it for you

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hey there!
Just to clarify, the JAL B767 is actually from Tokyo Narita, and the callsign is JAL18. btw I searched it up on flightradar24

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Thank you! Edit has been made.

no worries

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Great shots man!

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