YVR Fall Spotting

Some Various shots I’ve had throughout the fall up here at YVR

Uploading: 7A460C94-C682-4929-BA81-258F918D9272.jpeg… Uploading: 7E85F9BC-9560-4777-8496-29238E59ABD4.jpeg… Uploading: EF1C17FF-14F7-4DA9-8063-C6C9B98C6EEC.jpeg…

Uploading: 8EE82882-BC05-449C-9943-1264963F9F7C.jpeg… Uploading: 63A19D9A-31C2-4A67-B6FB-9EB502F8EDF0.jpeg…


Very nice photos! Seems like some of them didn’t upload fully, unless that’s just my screen

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Oh hi Max

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Oh hello there Mr Wu. My photos didn’t load so I’m sad

Dayum they are sexy 😳 Looks like Andrew has some competition 👀

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From the photos I did see I was extremely impressed! Fantastic work.

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Thanks lol

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Appreciate it!

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