YunSeong’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @YunSeong’s ATC Thread !

Introduction :

Hi guys welcome to my ATC tracking thread :) I plan to apply for IFATC in the near future as a controller.

I am looking to improve and fine tune my ATC controlling abilities so that I can pass both the IFATC theoretical test and the IFATC Practical Test with flying colours (hopefully).

As such, I have created this thread so as to facilitate ATC practice sessions for myself and work on my weaker aspects in controlling.

Whenever I am open for a practice session, I will announce it in this thread, as well as provide details on the relevant Airfield information for your reference.



Airport :


Server :

Hello, I saw you landing with your F18 when I controlled LPFR 😏

feel free to tag me when you open

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Hi guys ! I am now open @WSSS for a practice session. Feel free to drop by :)

Active Frequencies

  1. Singapore Tower (118.60)
  2. Singapore Ground (124.30)

Active Runways

  • RWY 02L/02C

Accepted Operations

  • Pattern Work
  • Arrivals
  • Departures


  • Training

Open until 0345UTC !

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