Yunnan To Chongqing, Hosted By @SamB777

Hello IFC! In this event, we will be flying in between Kunming (ZPPP) and Chongqing (ZUCK), China. The flight will be approximately 1h 30 mins long.


Server: Training
Airports: ZPPP And ZUCK
Time: Wave 1: 2023-08-15T01:00:00Z Wave 2: 2023-08-15T02:30:00Z

This group flight will be held in two waves, with the second wave starting after the first one ends. If you are attending, do state so in the thread below!

Flight Plan: ZPPP DER04 2515N/10309E XFA PP402 PP403 DADOL 2650N/10329E ZAT 2731N/10434E IDSID 2748N/10537E MAVRA 2807N/10635E APUKI ENLIL QJG CK706 CK705 2926N/10634E ZUCK

NOTE! When flying in China, please use this guide How to fly in China Airspace

Rules And Regulations

  • I, @bbb_aviation and @SamB777 are not responsible for any violations you might incur while participating.
  • Please use the unicom respectfully if no ATC is present.
  • Have Fun!

Last But Not Least…

See you in the skies over China!


Thanks so much! I gathered a bunch of people to come other than ifc, and ill use the China Eastern A320!

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Wow I think this is wonderful plan


Can’t wait until 8.14!

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Almost time! I got some people not in IFC to join this event too! ;)

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Just found out I’m TL2 now!!!

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Cool! That’s nice!

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Thanks! :)

Are you coming to this event?

Unfortunately can’t make it :(

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That’s fine. :( hope to see you next time!

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I’ll be attending by providing professional ATC services throughout. I’m currently under training waiting for IFATC certification.

I’m also waiting for certification but i can control tower or center while Frank does ground. Lmk

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ZPPP Tower & Ground will be online at 7:30PM EST

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Sorry I meant 8:30

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