YUL Spotting | April 7th, 2019

Hello IFC! In my quest to spot at all four major Canadian Airports (YYZ, YYC, YUL, YVR), I made my way over to YUL, which is considered the 2nd best spotting airport of those four. Let’s get into my top shots from the day.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyyz.spotting/?hl=en

Jetphotos: https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/133954

Quick Preface: The lighting on that day was literally the worst lighting I have ever seen. It was so dreary and dull, and I was really disappointed because YUL isn’t really near me so my one day was kind of smacked in the face by the weather. That is why some of these shots have more noise and less contrast than I would ideally like but I hope you enjoy anyways. Click on the shots for higher resolution and/or to fix the crop because IFC does some strange witchery.

First spot I tried was Bombardier. If you’re going to YUL and plan on shooting heavies, plan on using this spot.

First aircraft that rolled up the taxiway was this Swiss A330.

A bit later, this Turkish A330 showed up to play. Is it just me or is that a really steep flare?


Bombardier’s fence gets annoying fast though, and with as terrible lighting as I had at least I didn’t have to worry about shooting backlit, so I moved to YUL’s official spotting area: Park Jacques-de-Lesseps. Quick note: the hill at this park gets packed so especially if it’s a nice day be prepared to not leave your spot on the hill once you get it.

Transat’s new livery looks really good on the A321 (or any aircraft for that matter).

Here’s a treat YYZ spotters don’t see (and probably won’t for a while, thanks Air Canada).

My first time seeing Porter! (which is kind of sad now that I think about it).

Of course, I had to include the Lufthansa A350. It’s old livery though, and the same one I saw on the inaugural to YYZ a week prior because the spotting gods just love me like that 🙄.

New Livery B787 pictured with the signature YUL Tower.

A lot of A330s in this topic. Here’s KLM’s rotating for AMS.

That’s it for the day shots, but it was a warm night so I decided to stay longer to try out some night shots. I was shooting with a crop sensor and a f/4.5-6.3 lens, with no tripod and on a moving subject. If you don’t speak camera, that roughly translates to “I set my self up to fail”. These shots aren’t great so if you don’t want to see you can exit the thread now, hope you enjoyed the day shots.

If you’re still here let’s take a look.

Royal Air Maroc used to send their 747 here but now it’s just 787s.

And the last plane of the night, taken around 10:00 pm, another A330.

And that’s ten shots so I can’t share anymore 😔.

Which shot was your favorite?

  • Swiss A330
  • Turkish A330
  • Transat A321
  • Air Canada CRJ
  • Porter Q400
  • Lufthansa A350
  • Air Canada B787
  • KLM A330
  • Royal Air Maroc B787
  • Transat A330

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I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at YUL, despite the weather. If you’re a spotter that’s not outrageously far away I would recommend paying a visit. Leave a like and reply if you enjoyed these shots!


Oh My God… there are amazing especially the Turkish a330

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Great Pictures!

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Wonderful photos! Great work.

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Thank you guys!!


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