YTZ jet bridges

I’m not sure if there is a topic already for this but I can’t find it. The jet bridges at YTZ used to work just fine now there are no jet bridges at all why is that? and no air stairs would work for the dash 8 it used to be nice being able to use a jet bridge with a dash 8.

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May you send a image of what you’re talking about?

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YTZ hasn’t been edited since May 2022, and no public version ever had jetways. Perhaps you’re confusing this airport with another?

I also thought this… I had to look through the past saved versions of the airport too but I did not find anything. I guess i got it confused or something.

The “jet bridges” at YTZ aren’t really jet bridges and never moved or anything.

This is true, what I am sure of is you use to be able to attach jet bridges to the Dash 8 (I mean it happens IRL at some airports) but after an update a few months back it was removed for some reason.

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