YT in Background

Device: IPhone 12
Operating system: iOS 16.0.2

Just been having this problem really since the last update. When I play infinite flight I only have my phone and usually have nothing else to do so I watch YouTube on my phone while flying. I have the ability where I can exit the YouTube app while watching a video and it’ll be in a corner of my device playing in the background so I can fly and watch YouTube. I’ve always done that but now every since the last update or last couple of months maybe when I start a flight and I’m watching YouTube it keeps pausing the video over and over and it gets pretty annoying. I can’t watch a video and fly anymore. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it just pauses over and over. Since that has happened i really haven’t played infinite flight like I used to just because of how annoying that has been. I’ve checked and it isn’t YouTubes fault or my phone cause it’ll play without pausing on any other app. It works on infinite flight till I actually start the flight then it starts to be annoying. This probably isn’t really a big issue and probably won’t get fixed but I’d really like to see if someone could look into it and help me cause I really don’t like playing the game and not having YouTube playing in the background. I have YouTube premium as well just incase someone asks saying that may be the problem. If this is a fixable problem though I’m really hoping it gets fixed I’d really appreciate it.

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I’m not knowledge enough about code so this information should be taken with a grain of salt, but I highly doubt IF is the cause of this problem.

Idk know though because it never did the app before and doesn’t do it on anything else but now it does

I watch safety videos of the airlines before when pushing back or taxiing. Did they pause when you were interacting with any buttons nearby? (I.e “Systems” or “Ground Services”)

Maybe I’ll try that out

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You should. It is a great way to simulate a travel experience when you can’t, such as during quarantine, expensive flight tickets or if you are unable to travel all together.

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