YSSY Tower

Hi all, I controlled YSSY tower for a brief 8-10 minutes today. And a lot had happened in between.

First off, I gave really bad service to majority of the incoming traffic. I apologize for the inconvenience here. During my session, I had an ant infestation inside my room I was controlling in. I had found out they were all on my chair, desk, everywhere. I exited the room to find hundreds on me at the same time Im trying to control 30+ aircraft. YSSY is a busy airspace, especially around 1600-1800Z. To add on, YSSY approach had just had a change as soon as it happen leading maybe 20 extra aircraft to me. I had a long line of 10+ people waiting for takeoff.

Now this seems silly but its really hard to concentrate after that incident. I’d like to apologize for numerous people. Again, sorry for the bad service.


well that’s quite the story…

ant in yer pants while controlling

Sorry about that Kamryn!


Well that’s one thing you don’t want to happen while controlling.

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I officially found out they fly too. I surrender.


dont worry , i feel for u i did similar things like a month ago. like having long lines etc

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That’s very unfortunate. Hopefully you get the infestation sorted. Good Luck!

if you guys need a visual view. Here you go


I hope they are ready for immediate take-off! Hehe


Jeez…that’s…that’s a lot of ants.

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Indeed, Plenty more on my desk. They aren’t going for food either, they are finding a home, and that just happened to be my PC

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Oh dear. Could be an interesting death cause for the PC morgue manifest.

“Death by ant infestation”

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