YSSY Sydney International Spotting Thread

Infinite Flight YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport Spotting Thread! Post your best photos here!

To start everyone off, today i went out to the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel rooftop while stopping over in Sydney for some quick spotting with the Sony A6500. May need to get a longer lense as 70mm seemed too far out at times. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to post some of your own! Enjoy.

Also if anyone has any suggestions for lenses for the Sony A6500 (APS-C, E Mount) feel free to drop them below :)



Love the photos! Maybe do some editing on the best ones.


Here’s a couple more.


Really like the photo’s, if you would do some editing these photo’s will be very cool!


Thanks for the feedback!

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Can’t wait till I get down there! SYD has to be a fantastic place to go spotting, can’t wait to do some of my own. Five months and counting!

And I heard somewhere they closed the Rydges hotel to spotters. Guess not.

Fantastic choice of Camera. 70-200s are always cash.

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Thanks, will get into lightroom sometime soon.

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Might look into those lenses then. I’m not sure if it is closed or not if I’m honest, however I am staying the night here so it was definitely open to guests. Hopefully someone will comment some other good locations around Sydney for spotting.

Yeah as you were saying about your lens, I’ve got a 50-300mm lens for my Canon 550D/1000D, and it’s just right. It gives me the flexibility to be zoomed out for a photo where I’m closer to the subject, and to be zoomed in where I’m further away. I would highly recommend grabbing a new lens!

Also, how did you get into Rydges? Us Sydney Spotters are having a war with Rydges because of their observation deck always being closed. We’ve now all moved to the free Intl. Carpark. Just wondering how you got in…

@Ben ^^

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Am staying the night in Sydney, accommodation at the Rydges. As a guest I suppose they allowed me to go up

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These are some great photos! Would love to see some editing on them.

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Next time I head to the airport, I need to grab some pics. (Is it alright if I post some old photos? I mean 2013 YSSY.)

Lots of really nice shots. Lots of the big ones you caught on cam, clearly a good time to be spotting!


Yes! Go for it, it’s a spotting thread after all

Just a few of my photos :) (a few of them didn’t upload as they were too big)

Feel free to check my Instagram account out, @sydaviation

I shoot with a Canon 550D and a Canon 1000D. I also mainly use a 75-300mm lens for my shots, and all the photos below were taken with it. My photos are edited inside of Lightroom.

I’ve got more photos that I’ll upload if people like them :)

![Virgin 737-800|690x460](upload://7xKb6kk3E1A428aG4o7RNYw6mTb.jpg A380-800 (1 of 1)|690x459](/uploads/default/original/3X/6/0/600176116e178f2398645489079a273ddce0fb6d.jpg)Qantas A330-300Cathay Pacific A330-200 (1 of 1)Qantas Freight 767 (1 of 1)


I love the one with the beach in it!! Amazing pics.


Wow, I really like all of the wonderful individual images posted above on this specific tread!


Wow! I’ll go follow your insta! Where do u go spotting?

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The above photos were taken at the old ATC tower, but I tend to also spot at the Domestic and International Carparks. Because of the cost to park in both of them, it can be easier to walk up to the top of the carpark, rather than drive.

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Okay, will have to try it out

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