YSSY spotting / B747 farewell flight

Wow great pictures. Keep up the good work! I cannot wait to see more!

@Chris_Hoss lol IDK why we both have the same topic idea. Just a coincidence

Oh wow! Ok guys we are still ok

Stunning photos! The lighting is perfection!

I think Qantas used to fly the 747 on QF11/12 between JFK and Los Angeles. I’ve seen it before at JFK… sad to see it go

The only thing that makes this moment sad is that its a Qantas B747 not any other airline. The b747 has been serving Qantas for over 50 years half the time Qantas has been around for which makes this very sad. Yes there are still other airlines that are operating the B747 for cargo and also passengers but they are not Qantas.

Great pics! I must say these are some great pics. Sad to see the QA747s go, glad Qantas scheduled a few farewell flights though… The retro 737 looks really nice.

Better post some of today’s pictures

1st picture looks like straight out of Jetphotos

Goodbye B747-400 Qantas, we will miss you forever!

I can assure you they are stright out of my camera (not a fan of stealing others pictures)

PressX to doubt

VH-VCQ: Presses X

My phone couldn’t have gotten those shots lol 😝

We should meet up at Sydney one time

Love the shots @Chris_Hoss

I’m saying it’s that good

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