YSSY spotting / B747 farewell flight

The 13th July was the farewell joyflight for the Qantas B747-400. I wanted to get pictures of VH-OEJ for the last time as I will be missing out on its final flight to the desert due to school. Flight QF747 departed Sydney and headed straight over to the Sydney harbour then up to Richmond and back down south doing a transition over Sydney Airport to continue to Wollongong. Almost 1hr later, after I moved over to the Domestic terminal to photograph the landing of the B747 Queen. Though it was a sad moment to see her land for the last time I wish the B747 a happy retirement. Other than the B747 I wanted to share some other shots I got from my day at the airport, hope you enjoy!

VH-OEJ Rotating on 16R

Completing a transition over Sydney to continue off to Wollongong

Short final on 16R

Touch down and reverses on

Qantas B737-800 retro livery (James Stong)

Rare to see the Delta B777 around these days

Also good to see Virgin Australian operating again in Sydney

Hope you liked the pictures thanks!


Brilliant pictures mate! It’s definitely sad to see the Queen go, never got to fly on one and probably never will for any other airline.

Rest In Peace Qantas Boeing 747s!

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Those are all stunning! 🤩 Nice job! 👍

it is ok guys!
we still have
air india

but if they retire them, 747 is out :(

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Fantastic shots! We will miss the 747!

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this is really sad tho (no really)

I have to say I love that!!! Fantastic spots :)

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Oh my these are some wonderful shots. Yeah ever since the QF 747 stopped flying to JFK it hasn’t been the same. Sad to see that they are gone but we have to progress somehow

is there duplicate posts in spotting category?

They’re different pictures, it’s okay.

Great photos @Chris_Hoss

Not for long though 😢

Truly sad that the 747 has to be put to rest, but at least you got to see the last Qantas one. Really cool pictures overall.

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Wonderful pictures Chris! It’s definitely sad to see these Queen’s leave our skies. 🛫

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Beautiful pictures, the QF 747, which used to be seen daily flying over my house on the approach to LAX, will be missed.

Well… Damn The Queen Is Now Retiring. Great shots.

Actually, if CA, AI, OZ, BA, CI, KE, FV, TG, LH, and EB retire them, 747 is out (unless you want to go to iraq or iran)

Besides, the 748 will still be around for years to come, so if you miss out on the 744 you still have a chance to fly on a 747.

Heres a list of where 747s flew in 2019

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Qantas 747:


Jokes aside, these photos are AWESOME!!

The meaning behind them is the saddest thing in the world though. RIP Qantas 747! You will always be missed.

Sad to see it go 😭

No! My one has different pics.

Noice shots! Yiu were there when i was most likely

Those are some nice shots! Just the right amount of editing as well, RIP Qantas 747 :(