YSSY Ramp pics v2.0

Bonjour - here’s some more shots from the ramp at Sydney… mainly been on the A380 recently but I’ve been trying to get some shots of other stuff where I can…

Take a guess at the aircraft type… hint it’s a freighter 🙃 ⬇️


c’est beau!


hey was that QA, QF12?

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It was QF11, so the outbound to LAX. We’d just finished loading :)

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ah neat! i’ve always wondered if you could take photos while on the ramp.

is the freighter a 767F?

Rlly depends on the company, airport and if you actually have time to take photos.

For me I only take photos if it’s not interfering with my work, or others for that matter. Pretty much what I tell all the new guys too, you’re allowed to take photos just make sure you’ve done your job first.

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Nope, did work on one today but unfortunately I don’t have photos I can share (too many things to blur out)

It’s from the A332F, couple weeks back :)

Especially on the ramp! gotta make sure everything is done and safe before sending the plane off.

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The Qantas one?

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