YSSY playground ground and tower [CLOSED]

Come on over if you like.

Live streaming it on YouTube Test - YouTube

I was ExecJet 257

Try not to clear people to cross a runway until they get to the runway.

Read your log, I didn’t. I cleared you to hold short and you entered the runway illegally.

I waited for clearance to cross both runways! You also cleared me to cross 34L right after I’d left my gate

I cleared you to cross runway 25 which was an inactive runway at the time.

Yes, which I did. But right after you cleared me to taxi you said cross runway 34L

Then you continued to taxi to RWY 34L and were cleared to Hold Short. Which you didn’t. This isn’t my first rodeo, kid. I’ve been flying real planes since you were in diapers.

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Ok, I’ll admit, I may have misread the orange bar that comes across the top. If I did, I apologize for messing up your flow of traffic.

Don’t worry about it man. It threw a wrench in my lineup but I got to use a couple commands on there I didn’t get to before. Keep on having fun.

Does the video has sound? I can’t hear anything.

I haven’t set that up yet. Just tried it out just a few minutes before getting started.

Ok, next time do SoCal, it will be fun to watch.

Haha, even less people listen to ACT on SoCal Playground. Maybe I’ll do SoCal approach next.

That’s fun of it ;) and if they come to know they been streamed, it might change their bad behaviour. You got nothing to worry, remember it’s playground server, it’s all about learning.

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Please check ATC help pages. lol I keep the commands real. If someone enters the runway without clearance they get called out! Hehe.

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and follow instructions;) I use them too, it’s not like they gonna feel sorry straight away and correct their behaviour, it’s tell other good pilots “we know what’s happening and this guy think he’s special and which he ain’t” :D

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Nobody likes getting called out by ATC or penalty vectors.

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