YSSY - Parking Mistake

In the Sydney, Australia region under YSSY, you’ll find the following in the Parking List:

Cargo 1
Gate 1
Gate 2 and
Gate 3

The last three gates are incorrect and should be terminal 1, 2 and 3. Small mistake, but I think it matters.


I reccomend you message an airport editor, such as @Henrik to fix this problem.

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Made an issue for it. Thanks!


This is really semantics. I wrote these. Gate 1-23 means the gate at Terminal 1 position 23. Since all positions have a unique address number on the apron like 23. It is not really a typo … But whatever. The reason for the Prefix tells you it is a passenger gate not a cargo spawn point. This allows for all of the like spawn points to be indexed together. Sure all 90+ could be changed to Terminal 1 Gate 23 etc.

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Again this was NOT a mistake it was a short form convention

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