YSSY Morning Bridge Shots

Hello fellow humans,
If you like looking at the underneath of a plane you may enjoy these pictures. With some morning golden light (on some) you can’t go wrong with a 16R arrival in the mornings

First A380 Arrival into Sydney. Qantas 2 from Singapore

The best looking plane arriving from South Korea

A Generic Air Batik B737-8 Max on an early arrival

Here’s Trouble

You Gotta Love a Qantas A330

Nothing special, just Jetstar

Literally…Who doesn’t like the patterns on the livery?

Can you spot the person looking out the window?

Everyone hide…Its the government

P.S: Dont kill me, Discourse just wants to be special and reduce image quality


Beautiful shot!!😍😍😍

Nice shots mate ! ;)

…looks over shoulder. See’s security guard. 👀

Great shots as always!

Yeah I get recorded on a phone by the security. How funny

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