YSSY Ground

The ground controller at YSSY should also control ground. He is Tower, Ground and ATIS. He has an approach controller but I dont see what the problem is.

I’ve been sat here for 10 plus mins now waiting on a simple respond for pushback…but no, no one is getting anything

Patience is key. He knows you’re there but he is probably very busy with tower. Just wait!


There’s 2 aircraft on final…

I’ll say it again


Hi! When a controller has opened more than one frequency, he can’t focus on two things at once. Chances are, he’s trying to deal with the multiple inbounds, and can’t really worry about ground. Pushbacks can wait, clearances, however, need to be precise. Thanks for understanding!


I jut notified the controller, he will respond to your concerns once he has finished controlling. In addition, it is always better to voice these concerns in a polite manner via private message, you’re not likely to get very far if you call someone out in public in this manner.


I know what it’s like. I used to be IFATC till i left voluntary due to college work.

I know that it get frustrating n all but tbh there want much traffic at the time. I feel as he would of had plenty of time to say a simple command.

But anyways, he’s gone now. New controller seems to be quick on his feet.

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I cant find him on the IFC.

Pilot George Flack,

I was having the disappearing aircraft issue again. There was nothing I could do as a result of the issue. I apologize on my behalf for the faulty service. I handed the frequencies over to another IFATC controller. I don’t understand where the issue is coming from as I have no technological background. I did what I could to give good service.


IFATC Jake Rogers


I’ll PM you.

A mod can close this now.🙂